Capitals' Victory Parade Expected Tuesday, Sources Say; Planners Expect More Than 100000 Fans at Victory Parade

Caps fans were dancing in the streets Thursday night after the team’s historic victory in the Stanley Cup Final — and we can expect the streets to fill again for the victory parade.

Preliminary details on the Caps’ victory celebration are still emerging, but sources tell News4’s Mark Segraves the parade will happen Tuesday at 11 a.m. An announcement from officials is still forthcoming.

The parade is expected to start at 17th Street and move along Constitution Avenue to 7th Street, Segraves reported.

Monumental Sports, the group that owns the team, submitted a permit application Thursday morning for a parade in downtown D.C. to celebrate the team’s historic win.

“We are 100 percent going to have a parade here in the District,” D.C. Police Chief Peter Newsham said Friday morning. “An announcement as to where and when that parade will take place will probably occur later this afternoon.”

The application requests a parade from 23rd Street down Constitution Avenue to 7th Street, where a stage would be on the center of the National Mall with the U.S. Capitol as a backdrop.

The permit application includes a range of dates.

In “Purpose of event,” Monumental Sports’ application to the National Park Service says, “To celebrate the Stanley Cup Champions: WASHINGTON CAPITALS! ALL CAPS!”

Can hardly blame them for their excitement, even on a legal document.

Monumental Sports expects “100,000 + +” fans to attend, the application said.

Planners expect Jumbotrons, tents, banners/signs (of course), open-air buses, trailers, medical tents/RVs and bleachers, among other equipment, according to the application.

The National Park Service has not yet approved the permit. They are meeting with the team and the city Friday.

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