Eyewitnesses took video of a mysterious UFO left Earth

Residents of the U.S. state of Texas heard in the sky scary sounds and were shocked when they were not able to recognize objects in the sky. The witnesses found that saw UFO hastily left the Land.

Очевидцы сняли на видео, как загадочные НЛО покидали Землю

May 10 this year in the US state of Texas, located in Harris County, near Houston-Sugar land-BAYTOWN, witnesses were able to remove the video several suspicious objects. According to people, they never face this for the first time saw a real UFO.

“I thought it was birds, but when you zoom in on the video, mi did not notice their wings. We also saw three unidentified object. Hastily left the area, when nearby he heard of people”, – said the author of the video, who wished to remain anonymous.


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